How to Choose the Right Space-Saving Table

Are you looking to invest in a few space-saving furniture pieces to make your small home look big and beautiful? It is a good idea to start thinking about tables, in that case. When you set out to buy tables for your home, you will find a sea of options in different budget ranges. So, it is important to know exactly what you need, if you don’t want to make wrong purchase decisions.

Here are a few tips that can help you when it comes to choosing space-saving tables for your study, dining area and any other part of your home. Some of these pieces may be costlier than conventional types of tables, but it is wise to invest in them, as these give you good value for your money in the long run.

Opt for an adjustable study table

Today, an adjustable study table is the most popular choice among people looking to organize their small homes better than before to save space. These tables are usually foldable, and this feature increases their functionality considerably. Adjustable tables are portable, and their heights can be adjusted to suit multiple purposes that you might have – schoolwork, office work, kitchen counters to do prep work and more.

Invest in a standing table desk

While we are on the topic of adjustable and foldable study tables, one point that we cannot ignore is the importance of a standing table desk.  A standing desk is one of the most sought-after choices of space-saving furniture, because it not only serves multiple purposes, but also improves the health of its users, thanks to its ergonomic design and features. When you put it in one corner of your home, you can do your work (like writing, reading and more) while you stand, or by sitting on a high stool that matches the height of the table desk.

Get your dining tables right

Do you want to invest in a table that makes the most of the floor space in your home? You have to choose the right type of dining table, in that case! Dining tables come in different shapes and sizes. Are you wondering which one would be the right choice for your compact home? Go for round or circular dining tables to make your space look bigger and more beautiful than before. Round-shaped dining tables go well with many types of chairs, and you can arrange them in different ways, thereby opening up a lot of your floor space.

Go for coffee tables with storage

Do you love the visual appeal that coffee tables generate in your living room? Well, you don’t have to compromise on your taste in a bid to save space. Embrace the new style of coffee tables with storage; these multi-functional pieces not only open up your floor space, but also come with small storage shelves that can be used to keep your newspaper, pens and other essentials in an organized manner.

Nested coffee tables

Here is another space-saving idea for coffee table lovers – nested tables! These look beautiful, and when not in use, can be nested one inside the other to save a lot of space. When you have friends or relatives visiting you, you can un-nest them to reveal a set of beautiful, coordinated tables.


Space-saving tables come in different patterns today, to satisfy the increasing demands of nuclear families living in compact homes. Hence, it is very important to understand your requirements thoroughly before you invest in these pieces. What works for your friend’s home may not work for you. Knowing the different patterns available and assessing the space available in your home will help you invest in the pieces that you require, and avoid the bells and whistles.


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