Reasons why you might require a CT scan

A CT (computerized tomography) is an imaging process that is used to study the internal workings of your body in detail. In a CT scan, the images from multiple X-rays are collated and presented in the form of a detailed set of images to help the doctors draw their inferences accurately.

When you visit a diagnostic center in Bangalore for your CT scan, you may get a huge report in 2 to 3 hours. This report is a collection of different two-dimensional images taken of a particular body part that your doctor has advised. With the help of these images, your doctor would know exactly what’s wrong and proceed with the right treatment.

Why do you require a CT scan?

Your doctor may ask you to go for a CT scan in Bangalore or elsewhere for one of the following reasons:

  • Knowing more about issues in blood vessels

CT scans help to study blood vessels in detail to identify blockages, vascular ailments, and more. This way, they aid in an exact diagnosis without opting for other painful processes.

  • Detecting issues in the abdomen area

Detailed images of the liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, uterus, and other internal organs in the abdomen can help the doctor learn about digestive issues, weight loss or gain, inflammation, kidney stones, chronic abdominal pain, and other serious issues.

  • Analyzing the structure of tiny bones in detail

A diagnostic center in Bangalore may perform a CT scan of the small bones in your hands and feet to help the doctor study the injuries and damage to them in detail. A regular X-ray image may not be enough to capture precise images of these tiny bones or soft tissues.

  • Identifying tumors, if any

CT scans are the first and most important step in diagnosis when a doctor wants to know about the presence, size, and location of a tumor in your internal organs. Based on the images of the CT scan, a doctor may then advise you to undergo surgery to remove the tumor.

  • Detecting cancerous cells

A CT scan in Bangalore, or any locality of your choice, helps you and the doctors decide the next course of treatment for cancer. Regular CT scans of a particular part will not only detect the presence of cancerous cells but also tell a doctor how quickly these cells spread, so that a quick decision can be made about the mode of treatment.

  • Studying more about the injuries in the head and brain

When you experience constant dizziness, head injuries, chronic headaches, bleeding in the nose, strokes, and other serious issues, your doctor will advise you to undergo a CT scan of your head and brain. These images will clearly explain the reason for your chronic head and brain issues, thereby helping you to start treatment and recover quickly.

  • Managing chronic and spinal pain better

A CT scan will help doctors understand the exact reason for your chronic spinal pain. The images will tell you if your pain is from a slipped disc, a spinal fracture, osteoporosis, or other issues. If need be, the doctor may ask you to undergo surgery to help you get rid of this pain, based on the story that the CT scans tell him.

  • Studying injuries from accidents

In cases of emergency, when a patient has suffered excessive blood loss due to injuries from road accidents, a doctor will instruct a CT scan to be taken of the affected body part. This scan will tell him about the extent of damage and broken bones, if any, thereby enabling him to decide the future course of treatment.

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