Top 5 reasons behind bamboo diapers gaining such immense popularity

There is a massive amount of popularity that has come alongside the usage of bamboo diapers. With the new generation of parenting so keen on ensuring the best for their kids, the long-hidden secrets have been leaked as to what is used in the common disposable diapers. And the news isn’t good, given the usage of a combination of toxic chemicals and toxins these diapers are ticking time bomb that slowly affects the health of your little ones in the most critical ways. With the world shifting to natural and greener alternatives, bamboo diapers are the new generation parenting go-to favourite, and for all right reasons. 

  • Bamboo diapers are naturally organic and are incredibly soft and comfortable on the baby’s bottoms :

Bamboo is organically grown. As there are no added pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides to their growth, they are some of the most comfortable and natural pieces of diapers. A blessing to the sensitive skin of the toddlers, bamboo diapers is the ultimate catch. There are many added economical and environmental benefits to opting for both disposable or reusable forms of Eco-friendly bamboo diapers. 

  • Bamboo diapers are naturally occurring hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, antibacterial substance and are also naturally diaper rash resistant.

Bamboo is a natural fabric that is laced with a plethora of beneficial properties. The bamboo diapers are antibacterial, hypoallergenic,anti-fungal, and breathable which goes on to ensure that there are almost no bacterial infections, fewer painful diaper rashes, and lesser odors. Bamboo diapers also are hypoallergenic that means they cut down the chances of aggravated irritation and allergies that are often triggered by the harmful chemicals of generic diapers. The bamboo diapers also ensure that there’s an allowance of maximum air circulation while keeping the temperature in optimisation. Hence for all these acquired natural properties, bamboo shall always be the perfect choice of fabric for kid’s diapers.

  • An organic bamboo cloth diaper is super absorbent.

As compared to cotton which is the main material of most generic diapers, bamboo diapers have better absorbency. As a result, they soak in baby fluids better and faster ensuring that your baby bottoms and surrounding areas like knicks, inner thighs, and so on are dry. Statistically speaking bamboo diapers are generally more absorbent than man-made fibers which means less leaking. These diapers are also known to absorb up to 3x their weight in liquids, and in comparison to cotton, they can absorb 70% more. The drier the regions, the better is the prevention of unwanted and irritable skin rashes. Nothing feels better next to your baby’s skin than a reliable, soft, and lightweight diaper. Better soaking also makes sure that the diaper doesn’t sag around making it a super uncomfortable experience for the toddler. Hence choosing bamboo diapers is the smartest of all choices.

  • They are free of chemicals and toxins.

Recent studies have shown that baby diapers and their magic gel-like substance to tap in more liquid can be more toxic than given credit for. Most disposable diapers are known to come in three layers

  • The top absorbent layer.
  • The absorbent core.
  • The waterproof or outer shell.

These regions are mostly laced with toxic chemicals namely chemicals such as alcohol, chlorine, latex, phthalates, perfumes, and preservatives. These chemicals are capable of causing irreversible damage to the toddlers ranging from mild rashes to severe diseases like cancer, breathlessness, shock syndrome, and so on. Another main component found in generic diapers are dioxins that have been considered highly toxic and are damaging to the immune system. Exposure to this chemical is known to cause hindrance to many systems and hormonal releases of the body.  Cause of these chemicals in combination, more than half of all babies who have been subjected to the use of disposable diapers are known to experience skin rashes or allergies. The right alternative? Bamboo diapers! They have garnered massive popularity over time cause of the lack of usage of any such harmful toxins or chemicals.

  • They help decrease the carbon footprint immensely.

As compared to generic disposable diapers that take roughly 5000 years to decompose, bamboo diapers are capable of disposing of themselves in just 75 days, making them an immensely impressive green alternative. With parents who not only want to safeguard their children’s present but also want to conserve a greener planet, find it worthwhile to switch to the healthier and greener alternative of bamboo diapers.