Are virtual playschools the future?

The pandemic has opened many virtual possibilities and virtual playschools are one of them. The virtual playschools offer young children the method of digital learning materials, activity guides, learning analytics, and assigned teachers. All of these models of education are pretty compatible and are accessible online through devices like the computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone. We are no stranger to the fact that the absolute lockdowns imposed all over the country have forced things to be shifted online. Online sessions have now replaced classroom pandemic as the Covid pandemic runs its second course of havoc.

As now the kids are constantly locked up at home there’s a lot of challenges that the parents have to face now. This can be pretty challenging given the fact that now parents are juggling all the housework and professional responsibilities. Also, schools are likely to again remain closed for an indefinite amount of time as the second wave of the virus strikes the nation again. As the outlook for the ones who run playschools started looking grim and the pending salaries and lack of funds to sustain became a problem, the disorienting experience almost skyrocketed. The pandemic noticeably has even taken a toll on children as they stay 24*7 trapped inside.

Are online playschool classes worthy? Do they come along with a degree of sustainability?

There shall always be a debate that surrounds any new concept. This continues even on the stance regarding playschools on whether these schools should reopen with standard operating procedures in place or not. Most parents stay adamant about not sending their children to ‘school’ anytime soon. Given the mode of the pandemic, it isn’t unusual to find parents who would willingly let their kids skip a couple of academic years rather than letting some unwanted risk take over. The perfect alternative to it remains the welcoming of virtual playschools that not only keeps the young kids engaged but also helps them in learning something new every day and is more productive than sitting at home and doing nothing.

As situations about the pandemic keep worsening, parents now have to make peace with the idea of having an arrangement that is more like homeschooling. Online sessions have garnered quite an average response given the reluctance of most parents. It is a relatively new thing and it must take some time to get used to it. There was reported reluctance from both sides that somewhat made the transition pretty slow. But with slow yet steady steps virtual playschools and the playschool franchises are slowly amassing quite an impressive fan base.

As education is taking a quantum leap for something surviving the havoc that this pandemic has unravelled, more and more people must come up and support the virtual playschools and another form of teaching methods which shall promote safety as well as give the kids an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge that would either have been missed out. Affordable and accessible education for students has been made easier now. And the best playschool franchises are also involved in it.

In an IT-savvy country like India it becomes a must that we promote more and more online curriculums, playschool classes included. As we progress to a futuristic span, the child’s involvement in online education and efficiency in virtual classrooms can help them massively in later life as they pursue online courses, distant courses, webinars and so on.  Though teaching kids online through various playschool programs can be a cumbersome task but it’s worth it given the amount of positive impact it can bring to the kid’s future. For once parents need to leave behind the negative thoughts revolving around the possible virtual play-school classes and give them a try and let the kids decide if they want to engage in them or not.

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